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Foo Dogs' Weapons Training Programs

Join Us On Fridays For The Best Weapons Training In Town!

Are you prepared to act if danger crosses your path? At Foo Dogs Martial Arts Academy, we’re working hard to make sure the answer is yes.

Our weekly Weapons Training course offers men and women across Hesperia a chance to learn defenses against sticks, knives, and guns – plus how to react to an armed attacker in a real-world situation.

Learn from the best instructors in town. Just fill out the short form on your screen to reserve your spot today!

*Must be 13 years or older to participate

What’s Included In Our Weapons Training Program?

Our goal is to help you feel safe and confident in the face of any threat. That’s why we have developed the best mix of Kali, Escrima, and Krav Maga – three of the most effective self-defense skills for everyday people.

Led by certified Krav instructors, we’ll help you react with precision and maintain a clear head so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from any danger.

Join us in Hesperia and learn:

  • How to disarm an attacker
  • How to use sticks, knives, and guns for self-defense
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Incredible reaction times to a threat

PLUS, You Get In Great A Workout At The Same Time

Sure, the goal is to help you stay safe. But with our high-energy Weapons Training, you’ll also take on a great workout and build total-body strength fast.

This quick-paced system is great for all experience levels and can help you burn fat and boost your heart health in no time.

Our classes at Foo Dogs Martial Arts Academy are all designed to:

  • Help you lose weight and stay in shape
  • Boost your lean muscle mass
  • Give you incredible self-confidence in everything you do

Check It Out Today! Our Weapons Training Could Save Your Life In A Scary Situation

Don’t get caught off guard. Learn how to defend yourself from a wide range of threats with our Weapons Training at Foo Dogs Martial Arts Academy. We’re helping men and women across Hesperia feel safe in any situation and react to a threat with speed and power.

Get Started Today

Foo Dogs Martial Arts Academy has everything…except you! Join our community today and begin your martial arts journey!